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Have you ever considered promoting yourself with an Online Video? Perhaps you should. Now marketing has entered the digital era, online video is rapidly increasing in popularity with brands around the world. Here are 10 reasons why:

1) Reach & Frequency: Mass Media Essentials

Digital technology has shaken up the Marketing Industry profoundly and the reason is simple: consumers are flocking online in droves. More people are using the internet, more often, through more channels than ever before – and they’re watching a lot of video content. Once your video is online it has the potential to reach nearly anyone in your market and each person who views your message can watch it as many times as they want. And the more someone views your message, the more likely they are to remember it and act on it.

2) Sharing: Digital Word-Of-Mouth & The Viral Factor

Anyone who views your message can share it through their own (often vast) personal networks. These interconnected communities of people will happily share your message if it is engaging and relevant to their common interests.

Audience sharing can potentially make your video’s views grow exponentially, or ‘Go Viral’. But for every video posted online only a tiny percentage ‘go viral’ and of those few contain branded content. You are far better off trying to engage a specifically targeted audience rather than to gamble on the next viral hit. If your message engages your audience and they share it your video is succeeding. And who knows… maybe yours will be the next viral hit on YouTube.

3) Multi-Sensory Engagement: The Magic of the Pictures

The combination of audio with moving images is powerful. Whether on television, the big screen, a computer or a mobile device, it continues to be an effective form of communication. It can hold an audience’s attention and connect with them on an emotional level in a way few other media can rival.

It’s what your audience wants. People would much rather watch a video than read a bunch of text. It’s true for cinema, it’s true for television and it’s very true for the internet. And if you don’t speak to your audience in the way that suits them, your competitors probably will.

4) Interactive Engagement: Plugged In To Your Message

One of the revolutionary advantages digital media has over traditional media is its interactive nature. People surfing the internet are highly engaged with online content. If they are viewing your online video it’s because they have chosen to watch it, and this active choice will make your message far more effective.

The internet allows a much higher level of interaction than any other medium. Your audience can immediately check out your website, Google your topic or discover more about it through social media. There are many ways audiences can interact with your video content online, which only helps strengthen the potency of your message.

5) Message Control: Getting Your Point Across

Online video gives you a great deal of control over your message, so you can focus on what you say and how you say it. Unlike other media, online videos aren’t necessarily time-bound to 15 seconds, 30 seconds or a minute. This means you have as long as you need to craft your message, allowing you to focus on producing content that will engage your audience.

6) Budget-Friendly: Leveling the Playing Field

Producing an online video can be a very affordable form of Marketing Communications. All you really need is a camera, editing software, an internet connection and you’re on your way. The internet has given smaller brands new ways to connect with their audiences and online video is no exception. All you need to ensure is that your content is engaging.

7) Cost-Effective: Long-Term Gains

Once your video is posted online it stays online until you take it down. As long as it’s online it’s potentially working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This constant accessibility to your message makes online video a highly beneficial long-term investment.

8) Unlimited Options: Choosing The Right Format

There are many different types of online video at your disposal. Broadly speaking you have Promotional Videos, Informative Videos or Entertainment Videos – each with their own myriad of formats for you to effectively connect with your audience. The trick is choosing one that will work for you.

9) Accurate Measurement: Is it getting results?

A huge benefit of using digital media is its ability to be measured accurately. Online video allows you to measure your audience more accurately than most traditional media without the added complications of research methodology for sampling, sample sizes, behavioural measurement, etc. Basically, online videos give you a good idea of how your content is doing without having to fork out for expensive or even misleading research.

10) Enhanced Integration: Bringing It All Together

Online video is an excellent promotional tool but it’s no silver bullet. It should always be seen as a team player in your promotional mix. For some brands it might be the main star, for others it may play more of a supporting role.

Online video is perfect for driving interaction with social media and increasing website engagement (not to mention increasing SEO). It is also a great tool to anchor and facilitate PR publicity as well as supporting advertising across various traditional media. The key is making them work together harmoniously.

The Catch: Engagement

Online video is a brilliant marketing tool, but it cannot guarantee success. Unlike paid-media advertising you do not have a guaranteed audience; you have to earn your views. Your audience has to want to click on your video and they have to want to watch it. Your video must be engaging otherwise it won’t do anything.

So how do you make your video engaging? You could dedicate yourself to learning the craft of film-making – the fundamentals of scriptwriting, the principles of shooting and editing as well as the technical aspects of cameras, lighting, sound, colour grading, special effects, etc.

Or you could just get professionals to do it for you. (Fortunately we happen to know some who can help).

If you are keen to find out more about this topic, Google and YouTube have put together some interesting videos you can look at below:

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