February 14, 2022

From Telluride to ALTER: Perth horror short film ‘A Shadow in the Darkness’ streams 180,000+ views in first 2 weeks

A man squares off against a demonic entity in regional Western Australia.

Following official selections at some of the United States biggest genre film festivals in the Telluride Horror Show and New York City Horror Film Festival, A Shadow in the Darkness made its Australian debut at Monsterfest before streaming on Alter where it has amassed over 180,000 views across Facebook and YouTube inside of it’s first two weeks online.

Building on the momentum of ‘Evenfall’ and ‘A Shadow in the Darkness’, we will produce a third Evenfall universe short film in 2022 before focusing on the feature film and a number of other short form projects.

No amount of reading, study or gear tests quite equates to the learning you go through on a real (short) film production that you know you’ll be releasing to an audience. For the Alucinor team, narrative productions like Evenfall and Shadow allow us to push our craft, experiment and expand our skillset – directing, cinematography, editing, sound mixing and colour grading so we can bring greater experience and more refined storytelling nous to the commercial work we create for our clients.

I know few will read this but I wanted to make a couple of exceptional notes of thanks;

Gavin Docherty… very ill at the time of shooting (not knowing how ill and soon to be hospital bound) operating the (heavy) Alexa at the last minute and pulling off the most difficult shot in the film in complete darkness. Thanks mate!!!

And Jessica Langdon, Special effects make up artist extraordinaire who was amazing on camera (friendly stranger) and off the camera – her work transforming Amy Murray (and herself) was just brilliant. (See Amy on the poster below)

Telluride Horror Show
New York City Horror Film Festival
WA Made Film Festival

“A Shadow in the Darkness” Credits:

Written, Directed & Edited by Dean Butler
Produced by Robert Faulkner
Cinematography by Shane Piggott
Location and Post Sound by Mishna Nagda
Music Composed by Nicholas Gardiner
Special Makeup FX & Mask by Jessica Langdon
Camera Operator Gavin Docherty & Shane Piggott
First Assistant Camera Andrew Samson

Dean Butler
Amy Murray
Jessica Langdon

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