IN 2019





Evenfall is admittedly behind schedule., mainly due to hectic workloads and trying to achieve some modicum of a work/life balance.

However, we completed filming in 2019, are edit locked and are now finalising VFX, sound and music. We are 97% done.

To the cast and crew who have been incredible… and incredibly patient. Genuinely thank your for making the experience making this short such an overwhelmingly fun, awesome, positive one. Couldn’t have asked for a better team.

We initially were eyeing an online release for Evenfall partly due to the delay in being able to show the wider public that happens when you commit to a festival run. With our previous short Absolution it was a good year and half after it’s VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) world premiere that we were able to share it online.

However we are very proud of the film and are now looking at Festivals over online with our eyes on making smaller shorts through 2020 that go straight to YouTube.

We take our original content very seriously, it’s where we can just get really passionate, experiment, fail, learn, try again etc. All these things make us better filmmakers for future original content, but most importantly for our clients who we are partnering with now.



We have and always will hold the value that content comes first. Story, character and pacing comes ahead of all the toys we use to make our films. But new toys can allow us to do things better, faster or… do things we couldn’t do before.

We finally invested in a wireless follow focus solution with the Nucleus M, allowing our team to dedicate one of our crew to focus pulling whilst the other shoots handheld or with a gimbal. Or alternatively it will give a Ronin Gimbal operator the ability to manually pull focus whilst shooting instead of closing our aperture down or relying on auto-focus of a camera like the Canon c200 or Fuji Xt3.

With documentaries and freelance interview shoots being such a huge part of our weekly work we decided to invest in Rhino’s revolutionary Arc II Ultimate slider bundle. This gives us the ability to shoot smooth moving interview shots holding our talent in frame and focus as well as intricate motion and focus controlled timelapse speciality shots. It’s literally just come in and we can’t wait to start testing it out in 2020.

We also picked up a Sachtler FlowTech75 with the FSB8 head. All we can say is… Where has this thing been all our lives? It’s the best tripod we’ve used for documentary work.

Easily our biggest shift, which we didn’t anticipate coming into 2020 was our move from the RED digital cinema ecosystem to Blackmagic Design’s cameras. The Ursa Mini Pro G2 has proven to be an outstanding all rounder speeding up our documentary shoots with decent onboard audio, internal ND filters, faster boot times and the new blazingly fast BRAW format. We’d definitely look at a RED camera again in the future (love them) but as a team that shoots a variety of documentary, corporate, broadcast and narrative content the Ursa Mini Pro G2 with 120fps full frame is just the better all rounder.

Unfortunately after 3 months with the camera ours died on us mid way through a shoot. We have a two year warranty on it and it’s currently off for repair. Fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing from here!



We cleaned up our underused YouTube channel in mid 2019 and transformed it to focus on our own original content. After a bit of a false start reviewing some very fringe films (expect to these every now-and-then just for fun) we began creating content around our focus – film-making and video production.

After a promising start with semi-regular video posts, the last quarter of the year saw us as busy as we’ve ever been with multiple trips away from Perth. 2020 will see more of a focus on original content production, both short films and YouTube content. Expect to see shorter videos, higher quality and more of them – getting outside the office too 🙂




We only get to do what we do because of you. To everyone that chose to partner with us in 2019, to everyone that recommended us, that liked, shared or subscribed to our content. Sincerely thank you, your support goes such a long way and we are genuinely thankful and appreciative of what you have done for us.

Alucinor began with two high school friends making a short film on VHS in 1999. We founded the partnership in 2007 and the company in 2016. It’s been a great ride that’s only been made possible by the people and companies whom have invested in us.

So far on our business journey (when we started we had NO IDEA what we were doing on the business side of things) we’ve held off on growing beyond the small in house team that we have. Perhaps because of fear of the responsibility of running a business that feeds multiple people, pays their bills etc. However, facing fear is the destiny of the Jedi… and us it seems.

We have to be a bit cagey about things at the moment but we have huge plans for 2020 – 2022 that are going to transform our business and enable us to deliver greater value for our clients, deliver projects even faster as well as allow us to create more original content.

We sincerely thank everyone who has hired us and all the freelance legends who have worked alongside us in 2019.

Let’s do it again soon!

See you on the other side… of New Years Eve 🙂