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Our new website is live!

No we haven't been quiet. We've just had our busiest summer/autumn/ season yet shooting in Perth and around Western Australia on a multitude of video productions for clients old and new. Our website has been getting an overhaul from the awesome, wonderful and knowledgeable folks at trustmetric so we haven't bothered posting anything in a long while on the old site... plus we have barely had time. Plenty of new things coming soon: work, trailers, client testimonials, reels, gear acquisitions which will all come on board in the coming weeks. We'll also [...]

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The Independent Living Centre of WA teamed up with us to produce four online videos, one corporate and three of the branded storytelling variety. The ILC’s mission is to guide people’s choices to access assistive technology and services for independence and well being. They do this by providing information and advice as well as consultation, assessment, prescription, therapy, funding, hire, respite, training and support services. Our brief in a nutshell was to produce authentic stories that showcased a variety of customers including older people and people living with a [...]

Linkwest: Models For Sustainability, corporate videos

Following our work with Linkwest on the Beyond Gambling documentary Linkwest had us back to produce this three part resource for community based organistations and not-for-profits exploring alternative organisational structures that could provide a more sustainable future. Each video was shot in one day with a two person crew with a few additional pick up shoots. Filmed in Pingelly, Fremantle and Morley, WA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWa2E1U7jm4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6NiHy3mKuQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqYRoaVKrGQ BEHIND THE SCENES https://www.instagram.com/p/BFWRtWrkVm3/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BFWSMN6kVoJ/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BF07RbUEVik/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BF07lVcEVjL/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BF07zqiEVjk/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BGaltOkEVtN/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BGtRV36kVj-/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BGtSHLUEVlA/?taken-by=alucinor_productions     A camera: Red Scarlet B camera: Sony A7s Lighting: Kino [...]

Beyond Gambling: Short WA made documentary with Linkwest

When I think about problem gambling or gambling addiction or when I have thought about it in the past I’ve never really thought of it as a big issue in Perth or in WA. Mainly because I’ve always kind of associated that with pokie machines and we don't have those everywhere (in Western Australia). They’re restricted to just the one casino in Perth city at Crown Casino. Gambling is never really anything I’ve done or been interested in outside of a few scratchy’s that have been given to me [...]

Debut Music Video: Sarah Robinson, Soar

We had the pleasure of working with Sarah Robinson on her debut music video — Soar. Huge thanks to Sarah for a freezing but very fun shoot. The production consisted of a single day shoot at The Secret Garden, and a half day shoot next two Trigg Beach with myself on camera and Stephen Burge assisting with anything from moving gear, holding a reflector or diffuser and helping keep Sarah safe on a rocky outcrop. Bare bones crew! No lighting, all natural. Gear: Shot on Red Scarlet 4k widescreen [...]

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Amy Sugars – Halloween, music video out now

We had the pleasure of working with the very talented singer/songwriter Amy Sugars making the music video for her new single 'Halloween.' Shot in Fremantle (Perth) Western Australia, Amy's vision for her clip allowed us to explore visual territory we hadn't really delved into before. Amy was fantastic to work with, everything you could hope for. Professional, fun and willing give her all (including lying down in the ocean shallows and not getting angry when I didn't use to footage even though I kind of told her to) - all the [...]

Branded Storytelling Video Production: Perth Home Care — AVIVO Rebrand

In late 2015 we began work in partnership with LinkLetters to produce six short films for Perth Home Care Services re-brand to an as of yet unknown (to us) brand. With Linkletters leading a complete rebrand we delved into our full branded storytelling process to plan and craft both genuine and moving customer stories. It was wonderful working with Avivo and Linkletters who both completely appreciate the power of storytelling with video (especially when they have such enthusiastic and appreciative customers happy to share their stories). We shot the majority of the six [...]

2015 Video Productions: A quick look back

2016 is here and we are very busy for January with a number of long term projects on the go and set for completion around mid 2016. Before we kick in we just wanted to say thank you so much to all of our clients for making 2015 such an inspiring and diverse year! Before we launch into our 2016 workload, here's a recap of a few of the highlights from 2015. Absolution. Following a late 2014 world premiere at Vancouver International Film Festival, 2015 saw continued official selections at international [...]

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Mini-documentary personal storytelling continues with Disability Services Commission WA

We missed sharing this one back in June. A mini-doc sharing Ben's remarkable recovery with help from the NDIS My Way trial in the Lower South West. This was one of our first projects shooting on both the Sony A7s and the Red Scarlet. Shane, Dan and myself had a great experience working with producer/interviewer Kirsty Lawson in Margaret River for the shoot. Ben's story is really inspiring in itself, so we were really just trying to capture that rather than impose anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX4zZpCFrGM A few behind the scenes [...]

Absolution receives another US Festival official selection

About the World Arts Film Festival (from the website) The World Arts Film Festival, presented in collaboration with the non-profit, World Arts Education, highlights the creativity of a new generation of filmmakers inviting both established masters and first-time directors. As part of World Arts’ global educational outreach, the festival will bring diverse groups of filmmakers of all ages and backgrounds, including those with special needs, to meet and mentor each other and their audiences through this new venue. Created by individuals in New York, Los Angeles and Jacksonville, and supported [...]

Official Selection for Absolution at Inaugural Capricorn International Film Festival 2015

Eleven months and four days after our VIFF world premiere, and following official selections at three US festivals (Pasadena, Kansas City & Media) and Corona Fastnet in Ireland, our independent short film Absolution (shot in Perth, WA) is making its Australian festival debut this Saturday September 19, 2015 at the Inaugural Capricorn International Film Festival. It's great to know the film will be screened at an Australian festival before the end of its run! Congratulations and thank you to the cast and crew for their generous time and talent [...]

WA Country Health Service: Corporate Video Production

WA Country Health Service "WACHS" enlisted our services to create two three to five minute corporate documentary videos. However to protect the identity of the main characters, scripts were written based off interviews with real people and actors were cast in their place (with names changed). WACHS had already heavily developed the scripts before we came on board. Before prepping the shoots Shane and I just spent some time collaborating with WACHS editing the scripts without making an overhaul. These were after all based on real peoples experiences and [...]

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GHS Solutions TV Advertisement

TVCs are certainly something Alucinor wants to do more of. Dean received a phone call from Kiya at Market Creations in early March advising they wanted to shoot a TV advertisement for the Geraldton based company GHS Solutions. A 2 person crew (Dean & I) would need to fly to Geraldton for a 1 day shoot. A script had been provided by Market Creations and we would need to shoot 3 members of the company delivering the lines from the script as well as a voice over for the [...]

Ocean & Earth TV Commercial

On what was undeniably a very challenging shoot we found ourselves contending with heat, dust, glaring sunlight, strong winds and filming around learners operating heavy machinery for this TVC (Scary!... But they were very careful of us and we kept a safe distance most of the time). Changing lenses was a tricky process, we were literally covered in red dust at the end of the shoot but all the gear held up beautifully. The advertisement, shot in the hills just outside of Perth was an exercise in little prep [...]

Official Selections continue for Absolution

Our Perth made short drama Absolution has continued its tour of the international film festival circuit throughout North America and now Europe. Following screenings at VIFF (Vancouver International) and Pasadena International, Absolution has been received official selection from Kansas City International Film Festival, Media Film Festival (Pennsylvania, USA) and Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival (Ireland). Huge thank you to all involved. It was only with the support of dedicated, talented volunteers (cast and crew) that this film was able to be made. Teaser Trailer: https://vimeo.com/113062936   [...]

Perth Home Care Corporate Videos

Following the positive industry feedback from our first production with Perth Home Care Services (watch here) we were lucky to be asked back in late 2014 for another corporate video / documentary. This time focussing on the stories of seven people and families whom are benefitting from individualised disability funding. Our involvement in the project was pretty late in the game. Just before filming we found ourselves promptly booking flights and flying to Geraldton, then filming back in Perth in the ensuing days. We didn't have time to put [...]

Little Bird – Until Tomorrow Music Video

This project began with a meeting with Matt Williams who is one half of Little Bird (the other half being Rachel O'Hara), a Perth based acoustic pop duo. We caught up over coffee and chatted about Little Bird's music video to be. I was keen to be involved with what Matt (and Rachel) were looking to do, we got along easy and thus began our working together. Now that the clip is finished I will say making Until Tomorrow's music video has been a genuinely fun creative experience. Matt [...]

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Absolution screening at Australian Revelations

We are lucky to have Absolution screening as part of Perth's Revelation International Film Festival Australian Revelations January 2015 screening. On January 27 The Babadook will be headlining and Absolution will get a run too. Each month a classic Aussie film plays along with a local short film at the new Backlot Studios private cinema located between Northbridge and Leederville. This will be our first public screening to an Australian audience. Following The Babadook there will be a panel discussion with local film writers Mark Naglazas, Travis J Johnson [...]

Absolution: Official Selection at Pasadena International Film Festival

We are happy to announce that our first independent narrative short film Absolution has received "Official Selection" at the 2015 Pasadena International Film Festival! It'll be Absolution's US Premiere following our world premiere at Vancouver International Film Festival in October 2014. Once again I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to the cast and crew without who's talent, time and effort this film would never have been made. Perth has a lot of film-making talent and it was a pleasure to meet and work with people for [...]

Perth Home Care Services – Stories of Self Direction

We produced these videos in mid 2014. They're a good example of the kind of work Alucinor Productions does when we have very little involvement in pre-production, have a bit of information - who, what, where, why etc and make the most of our time shooting. In some ways that's worked out really well on this project although there's definitely a few things that could be improved to get some more diversity of footage as well as footage that would connect even tighter with what's being discussed. Shane and [...]

WA NDIS My Way Personal Stories

We had three days to shoot four mini-documentary stories throughout Western Australia's South West destined to be screened at the My Way Launch in July of this year (I'm a bit late in writing this blog). Despite rigorous scheduling it required multiple relatively short shoots each day, think on your feet filming and spending around half of each day in the car traveling between Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Cowaramup and Augusta. My view at My Way launch Minister Helen Morton It was a frantic and [...]

Alzheimer’s Australia: The Unspoken Impact of Dementia

From Campaign Brief: Local video production boutique, Alucinor Productions, recently helped Alzheimer's Australia produce a video behind their social media effort to promote Dementia Awareness Month during September. The video is aimed at boosting awareness amongst Australians about dementia, and has received over 21,000 views over the duration of Dementia Awareness Month. In a mini-documentary format, the video follows the experiences of three people who are currently living with dementia and gives insights into some of the challenging aspects of this disease. Video co-creator Stephen Burge from Alucinor Productions [...]

Absolution short film blog 4 – Production and Post Recap

Absolution has received official selection at Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and had its world premiere on October 1, 2014 (it will also be showing on October 6). "VIFF is one of the largest film festivals in North America. For 16 days, almost 365 films from over 70 countries will play on nine screens." Thank you to the cast and crew whom gave so much time, energy and expertise to make this film happen and reach the level that it has. Without you this film wouldn't have been made. [...]

Absolution short film blog 3 – Pre-production for the Director

I should have written this while I was in pre-production (we finished shooting on Jan 25), but I didn't so I'm writing it looking back. This should give some context as to what it took prior to filming and after scriptwriting to get to production. I won't talk in detail about the production design, costume design, or camera department in heavy specifics as that work was done by others. Maybe I can ask some of those awesome people to write a guest blog... Casting Melody reflects and recharges [...]

Absolution short film blog 2 – Getting a short film made when you (for now) don’t have a crew or deep pockets

A lot has happened in the two months since the first Absolution blog went up on November 20, except for the week or so over Christmas and New Years where very little happened. As it should be. In late November I was hoping and starting to try to recruit crew to help make Absolution. I am very happy, surprised, grateful and lucky to have had a team of people come on board to make this short film happen. Before I give them all a big thank you I thought [...]

Nat Pearson – Impressive Lies Music Video

In this blog I'm not going to get into the 'film making' side of things - camera operation, lighting, directing, editing, grading etc. What I will do is try to give a sense of the time and organizing that goes into making a clip like this. If you're looking to get a music video produced, you'll hopefully find this educational. You can read Nat Pearson's perspective in her behind the scenes blog here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9lBJP_O604 Nat Pearson Artist and Producer and Casting Director What do I mean by that? Nat [...]

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Nat Pearson – Senseless Music Video

Not long after seeing the music video of ‘She’ we made for Perth band MSCL (My So Called Life) Nat Pearson got in touch with us and we set up a meeting. What initially started as one music video soon became two as Nat would be releasing two tracks – ‘Senseless’ and ‘Impressive Lies’ at the same time. After an initial meet and greet with myself and Shane, Nat and I threw ideas back and forth over email for both Impressive Lies and Senseless. I’ll just talk about Senseless [...]

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Absolution short film blog 1 – Getting back to filmmaking

This is the first in a series of blogs tracking the making of Alucinor Productions first short film. Absolution John and Rachel meet by chance in a Laundromat five years after separating. Haunted by guilt, regret and confusion, this is their last shot at absolution. We are finally making our first short film since Uni (2007). We've made some (corporate/government/youth) dramas since then including the When Separating series and Adolescents and Alcohol dating back to 2008, but not just a pure short film. It's scary how fast the time [...]

Legal Aid WA: Parents that fight

In 2012 Legal Aid WA hired a couple of filmmakers from WA to create what became the When Separating series. Shane and myself were producers, scriptwriters and editors, Shane was Director of Photography and I Directed. Following the success and positive feedback from providers and parents facing separation; Legal Aid commissioned another film. This time focusing on a high conflict (not domestic violence) relationship. With only one script to write I headed up the writing and Shane would be the films editor. Scriptwriting Although we were making one fifteen [...]

Transition from Canon 5D Mark II to RED Scarlet – Workflow challenges and changes

If you’re looking at investing in a raw camera system, specifically RED and are predominantly using Canon DSLR’s or Sony FS100/700 (or something similar), you may get something out of the lesson’s I’m learning. If you’re not into cameras or post production, this blog is probably not for you :) It’s fair to say myself and Shane have shot more hours of footage on a Canon 5D Mark II than any other camera. However, as detailed in a previous blog, ‘Why a Red Scarlet?’ - we eventually decided we [...]

Katie O’Donnell – On the Inside Music Video Production

We are very proud of this music video. It's much more than that, very special and very close to many people's hearts. We feel privileged to help bring Tayla's song and message to the world through the beautiful voice of Katie O'Donnell. Dean Butler and Shane Piggott with Katie O'Donnell Words from Katie: "On the Inside (Tayla's Song - Butterfly Edition) began as a poem, written by Tayla Hancock, who was just 16 when she lost her battle with cancer. Tayla's words were put to music by [...]

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Chawa.C – I Think I Love You Music Video Production

In this blog I discuss how this music video came about and the process that went into shooting it. I won't be discussing post production as that was handled by the multi talented Chawa.C himself. Chawa. C In March I got an email from Chawa who had seen a previous clip I did for Holly Denton, Another Tomorrow. He commented that he liked the feel of the video, and reading my blog on making it, wanted the same approach taken on his music video. Great! I gave [...]

My So Called Life – She Music Video

You might be interested in this blog if: You're a My So Called Life fan, you liked or didn't like the clip and wanted to know how it got made, you're a Perth or Western Australian... or Australian... or Earth based band or artist wanting to know how we collaborate with bands, artists and musicians on music videos and what the process can entail. THE IDEA TAKING SHAPE This clip began with myself meeting separately with Anthony Cormican, Chris Reeve and Mike Nayar from My So Called life and [...]

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Legal Aid WA: MyCar TVC

Late in 2012 we were commissioned by Legal Aid WA to make a few online advertisements targeting financial and legal issues facing predominantly young first time car buyers. The result was three TV commercial's destined for Legal Aid's new MyCar website. We were tight on budget so my wife Mariza, Shane and writer Stephen Burge himself stepped in front of the camera with me behind it. I edited the videos to a strict 30 second format; Voice over by Glenn Hall of Just Improvise fame. The two outdoor shoots [...]

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Why a Red Scarlet?

The first cameras we bought for Alucinor Productions were two JVC HD111E 720p ENG style camcorders back in 2008 ($7,250 each). We were fresh out of Uni and at the time, they were amazing to us. We've since sold one and the other is an antique that jumps from my desk to Shanes. A harsh lesson that electronics depreciate in value quickly and are just as quickly superseded by new technology. Me shooting with a JVC HD111e camera A shot from Adolescents and Alcohol (2008) [...]

Looking Back on 2012

2012 was a big year for us. Although we went full time with Alucinor in 2011, 2012 was the first year we worked full time with Alucinor Productions for the entirety of the year. This resulted in a massive increase in the amount of work we began putting out under our own name. I haven't listed everything, but here's a few of the highlights: When Separating A 77 minute (60 minutes drama) dvd/web series produced for Legal Aid WA. The drama chapters took 11 days straight to shoot and [...]


Director and Actor: Passions, Process and Intimacy with Dalip Sondhi

I caught up with Dalip Sondhi to chat about our experience making the documentary, now being distributed by Contemporary Arts Media. (Get it here) Dalip discusses: Authenticity, the process of creativity, the actors job (to give lots of ideas...), critiquing ideas not the person, the shackles of being over prepared, the effect of the camera in the space, the actors ego and quite a bit more. The chat goes for about 13 minutes. But if you're interested in drama process, theatre, acting or directing, or the documentary for that [...]

Another Tomorrow Music Video

For a while I'd been feeling that I wasn't getting out and shooting enough, spending too much time in front of my computer editing, prepping as well as more mundane business stuff. Although I feel there's certain things I can do well with a camera, there's always area's where I'm lacking, inexperienced, don't know what I'm doing etc... There's always room for improvement. Anyway I believe that with any skill in film-making we improve with practice. Along with watching plenty of films and reflecting honestly on our own work [...]

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Ditty (The Adventures of Johnny Stenchfoot) – Oumi Kapila & Chris Reeve

A couple months back we we're asked to shoot an instrumental studio music video clip for a track written by Oumi Kapila and Anthony Cormican. We didn't edit it, that amazing work was done by the multitalented Chris Reeve (drums). It was a fun opportunity for us to think on our feet for a few hours (we didn't plan anything) and shoot some awesome musicianship down the road from us in Perth. Shane and I shot it with Zeiss primes 28, 50 and 100, the Cinevate Atlas 30 slider [...]

The Power of Video: Some Clues from Brain Science

It seems like every week there are new statistics showing the benefits of using video content – particularly online. While stats can be interesting, they don’t necessarily answer the big question: why? Why is video such an effective form of communication? In a very interesting book, Brain Rules by John Medina, I found three possible clues. Attention The fourth rule in Medina’s book is probably the most important for video. It basically says: “We don’t pay attention to boring things.” Medina explains, “The more attention the brain pays to [...]

Chocolate Overdoses Music Video

Dean and I met with Holly in December 2011. We had received a copy of her CD and were really impressed with what we heard. Holly was interested in trying something different for her debut clip. We identified two songs she would be interested in making videos for and chose Chocolate Overdoses for the first clip. After discussing our ideas Holly brought up the concept of the walk of shame for a girl after a night out/fling for Chocolate Overdoses. I knew a lot of night filming would be [...]

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Perth Fiction

In December 2010 Shane and I caught up with an old uni friend Stephen Burge, who at that stage was not yet part of Alucinor Productions. Steve and I started meeting up to figure out ways we could work together in the future and decided that to start out we'd look at making a relatively small promotional video production for Alucinor. We settled on integrating some of our favourite film scenes from the 70's, 80's and 90's into a short online video/homage set in Perth, Western Australia - our [...]

Legal Aid WA: When Separating

When Alucinor began working on a DVD for Legal Aid WA in October 2011 it was commissioned as a 45 minute DVD, a mix of drama and documentary/informational pieces. It became a 77 minute DVD and web series that fortunately surpassed expectations and set a new standard for video-driven legal resources in Australia. Here’s how it all came together. Scriptwriting The scriptwriting process began with us having numerous meetings with the team from Legal Aid and immersing ourselves in the Family Law legal frameworks and processes. We needed a [...]

10 Reasons Why Online Video Should Be In Your Marketing Plan

Have you ever considered promoting yourself with an Online Video? Perhaps you should. Now marketing has entered the digital era, online video is rapidly increasing in popularity with brands around the world. Here are 10 reasons why: 1) Reach & Frequency: Mass Media Essentials Digital technology has shaken up the Marketing Industry profoundly and the reason is simple: consumers are flocking online in droves. More people are using the internet, more often, through more channels than ever before – and they’re watching a lot of video content. Once your [...]

Our New Video Production Studio in Perth

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB7ZNCdHw7Q We’d like to dedicate this blog to the team at Artsource and Spacemarket for all their efforts in resurrecting an old, disheveled, abandoned structure into The Ward – a vibrant collection of studios for artists and creative professionals alike. The building was once a maternity ward known as the Swan Maternity Hospital, built in 1913 to meet the growing population that came with the boom times of the Gold Rush. Over time the building’s importance for the public health system waned until it was abandoned after the GFC. [...]


The Journey Begins

Welcome to our first blog! At Alucinor Productions we are passionate about Cinematic Storytelling and this blog is just a channel for us to share stuff we feel could be interesting. In the entries to follow we'll keep you updated on what we’re up to, projects we’re working on, and different challenges, observations or learning experiences we've encountered. We would love to hear your feedback so please feel free to leave comments for each post or get in touch with us directly. We encourage you to subscribe if you [...]

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