8 Steps to help you choose the best video production company for you

8 STEPS HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY FOR YOU https://vimeo.com/385532242 How do you pick the right video production company for your project? This blog is for those of you out there scouring the interwebs seeking a video production partner for your business, either for a one-off project or perhaps to collaborate with on a more regular basis. How do you make sure you make, not the right decision (there’s no hard and fast right or wrong), but the best choice based [...]

New Mini-Doc for Avivo

AVIVO GEORGE AND PENNY'S STORY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22O1DxlbGQ4 Avivo recently had us back for another customer story. (Thanks Avivo!!! Especially Sonali for her insight, help and passion for this project and people) After pre-interviews via video link this one took us up to Geraldton WA to spend a couple days with the George, Penny and the avivo team. Our Zeiss glass was away getting serviced so this was shot entirely on Sigma Art Zooms and a couple Tokina 11-16mm ultra wides. GEAR: Red Scarlet-W Red [...]

St John Ambulance: VR First Aid Skills Launch Video

ST JOHN AMBULANCE WA VR First Aid Skills Launch Video It was great to be a part of the launch for St John Ambulance's revolutionary VR and App First Aid Skills experience. Tasked with producing a video that would highlight what the product offered as well as introducing it to the public, we collaborated with the team at St John to come up with a concept in which the talent would be shown to interact in the real world and the virtual world. To achieve [...]

Branded Storytelling with Vicinity Centres in Perth and Melbourne

2017 has seen us commence collaborating with Vicinity Centres on a variety of branded storytelling video production projects in both Perth and Melbourne. From successes in social procurement to the beginnings of a solar revolution we had the pleasure of discovering and telling some pretty neat stories. You can check a few of them out below. Shot on the Red Scarlet-MX, Red Scarlet-w and Sony A7s (Ronin MX shots). Zeiss ZF Primes and Sigma 18 - 35 Art. Edited and Graded in Adobe Premiere Pro with FilmConvert [...]


The Independent Living Centre of WA teamed up with us to produce four online videos, one corporate and three of the branded storytelling variety. The ILC’s mission is to guide people’s choices to access assistive technology and services for independence and well being. They do this by providing information and advice as well as consultation, assessment, prescription, therapy, funding, hire, respite, training and support services. Our brief in a nutshell was to produce authentic stories that showcased a variety of customers including older people and people living with a [...]

Linkwest: Models For Sustainability, corporate videos

Following our work with Linkwest on the Beyond Gambling documentary Linkwest had us back to produce this three part resource for community based organistations and not-for-profits exploring alternative organisational structures that could provide a more sustainable future. Each video was shot in one day with a two person crew with a few additional pick up shoots. Filmed in Pingelly, Fremantle and Morley, WA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWa2E1U7jm4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6NiHy3mKuQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqYRoaVKrGQ BEHIND THE SCENES https://www.instagram.com/p/BFWRtWrkVm3/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BFWSMN6kVoJ/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BF07RbUEVik/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BF07lVcEVjL/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BF07zqiEVjk/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BGaltOkEVtN/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BGtRV36kVj-/?taken-by=alucinor_productions https://www.instagram.com/p/BGtSHLUEVlA/?taken-by=alucinor_productions     A camera: Red Scarlet B camera: Sony A7s Lighting: Kino [...]

Branded Storytelling Video Production: Perth Home Care — AVIVO Rebrand

In late 2015 we began work in partnership with LinkLetters to produce six short films for Perth Home Care Services re-brand to an as of yet unknown (to us) brand. With Linkletters leading a complete rebrand we delved into our full branded storytelling process to plan and craft both genuine and moving customer stories. It was wonderful working with Avivo and Linkletters who both completely appreciate the power of storytelling with video (especially when they have such enthusiastic and appreciative customers happy to share their stories). We shot the majority of the six [...]

Mini-documentary personal storytelling continues with Disability Services Commission WA

We missed sharing this one back in June. A mini-doc sharing Ben's remarkable recovery with help from the NDIS My Way trial in the Lower South West. This was one of our first projects shooting on both the Sony A7s and the Red Scarlet. Shane, Dan and myself had a great experience working with producer/interviewer Kirsty Lawson in Margaret River for the shoot. Ben's story is really inspiring in itself, so we were really just trying to capture that rather than impose anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX4zZpCFrGM A few behind the scenes [...]

WA Country Health Service: Corporate Video Production

WA Country Health Service "WACHS" enlisted our services to create two three to five minute corporate documentary videos. However to protect the identity of the main characters, scripts were written based off interviews with real people and actors were cast in their place (with names changed). WACHS had already heavily developed the scripts before we came on board. Before prepping the shoots Shane and I just spent some time collaborating with WACHS editing the scripts without making an overhaul. These were after all based on real peoples experiences and [...]

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Perth Home Care Corporate Videos

Following the positive industry feedback from our first production with Perth Home Care Services (watch here) we were lucky to be asked back in late 2014 for another corporate video / documentary. This time focussing on the stories of seven people and families whom are benefitting from individualised disability funding. Our involvement in the project was pretty late in the game. Just before filming we found ourselves promptly booking flights and flying to Geraldton, then filming back in Perth in the ensuing days. We didn't have time to put [...]

Perth Home Care Services – Stories of Self Direction

We produced these videos in mid 2014. They're a good example of the kind of work Alucinor Productions does when we have very little involvement in pre-production, have a bit of information - who, what, where, why etc and make the most of our time shooting. In some ways that's worked out really well on this project although there's definitely a few things that could be improved to get some more diversity of footage as well as footage that would connect even tighter with what's being discussed. Shane and [...]

WA NDIS My Way Personal Stories

We had three days to shoot four mini-documentary stories throughout Western Australia's South West destined to be screened at the My Way Launch in July of this year (I'm a bit late in writing this blog). Despite rigorous scheduling it required multiple relatively short shoots each day, think on your feet filming and spending around half of each day in the car traveling between Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Cowaramup and Augusta. My view at My Way launch Minister Helen Morton It was a frantic and [...]

Alzheimer’s Australia: The Unspoken Impact of Dementia

From Campaign Brief: Local video production boutique, Alucinor Productions, recently helped Alzheimer's Australia produce a video behind their social media effort to promote Dementia Awareness Month during September. The video is aimed at boosting awareness amongst Australians about dementia, and has received over 21,000 views over the duration of Dementia Awareness Month. In a mini-documentary format, the video follows the experiences of three people who are currently living with dementia and gives insights into some of the challenging aspects of this disease. Video co-creator Stephen Burge from Alucinor Productions [...]

Legal Aid WA: Parents that fight

In 2012 Legal Aid WA hired a couple of filmmakers from WA to create what became the When Separating series. Shane and myself were producers, scriptwriters and editors, Shane was Director of Photography and I Directed. Following the success and positive feedback from providers and parents facing separation; Legal Aid commissioned another film. This time focusing on a high conflict (not domestic violence) relationship. With only one script to write I headed up the writing and Shane would be the films editor. Scriptwriting Although we were making one fifteen [...]

Legal Aid WA: MyCar TVC

Late in 2012 we were commissioned by Legal Aid WA to make a few online advertisements targeting financial and legal issues facing predominantly young first time car buyers. The result was three TV commercial's destined for Legal Aid's new MyCar website. We were tight on budget so my wife Mariza, Shane and writer Stephen Burge himself stepped in front of the camera with me behind it. I edited the videos to a strict 30 second format; Voice over by Glenn Hall of Just Improvise fame. The two outdoor shoots [...]

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Legal Aid WA: When Separating

When Alucinor began working on a DVD for Legal Aid WA in October 2011 it was commissioned as a 45 minute DVD, a mix of drama and documentary/informational pieces. It became a 77 minute DVD and web series that fortunately surpassed expectations and set a new standard for video-driven legal resources in Australia. Here’s how it all came together. Scriptwriting The scriptwriting process began with us having numerous meetings with the team from Legal Aid and immersing ourselves in the Family Law legal frameworks and processes. We needed a [...]

10 Reasons Why Online Video Should Be In Your Marketing Plan

Have you ever considered promoting yourself with an Online Video? Perhaps you should. Now marketing has entered the digital era, online video is rapidly increasing in popularity with brands around the world. Here are 10 reasons why: 1) Reach & Frequency: Mass Media Essentials Digital technology has shaken up the Marketing Industry profoundly and the reason is simple: consumers are flocking online in droves. More people are using the internet, more often, through more channels than ever before – and they’re watching a lot of video content. Once your [...]

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