Aminah Hughes’ New Music Video ‘Blue Wooden Boat’

AMINAH HUGHES BLUE WOODEN BOAT MUSIC VIDEO Film Gear info: DANCE: Canon C200 (4k raw lite) + Canon 16-35 & 24-70 DJI Ronin-MX gimbal I chose the C200 because when shooting raw light the image quality is outstanding! But most importantly for it's 1st class Dual Pixel auto-focus. I was blown away by the auto-focus on this camera in very tricky, predominantly blue led lights with plenty of haze. Canon C200 ready to go on the Ronin MX Dancers in full flight shot [...]

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Sarah Avalia: Through With You – music clip

SARAH AVALIA THROUGH WITH YOU MUSIC VIDEO Directed, shot, cut and graded by Dean Butler. "Because this was a one-man-band shoot I opted for the C200 for gimbal shots (when the budget allowed - there's a few gh5 shots by the wheat field) due to the outstanding dual pixel autofocus and the superb image quality when shooting raw. Shooting on F1.2 on a 50mm prime on a gimbal and holding focus was a revelation... Combining Canon with Red footage - it's like [...]

I Love You, But – Shameem: Perth music video faces problem gambling

(Almost half a year late in posting this but as they say, better late then never.) Online gambling. It's the fastest growing category in Australian advertising and it's the face of a colossal industry, which is why socially conscious Perth soul songstress, Shameem, has tackled it head on in the clip for her new single, I Love You, But. While the song is personal to Shameem and the lyrics stem from a broken relationship, the music video produced by Alucinor Productions boldly takes on the topical issue of [...]

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Only Love I Know music video surpasses 50,000 views in first month

Following producing the clip for Soar with Sarah Robinson we were asked back to work with her on her new single, Only Love I Know. The song has racked up over 50,000 views in it's first month. We shot the clip over two days with a crew of two, myself and Stephen Burge primarily in an apartment in Northbridge as well as at locations around Perth City including Scarborough Beach and Elizabeth Key. Tech Specs: Shot on Red Scarlet-X in 4k WS. Zeiss Duclos Modded ZF lenses and Sigma [...]

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Debut Music Video: Sarah Robinson, Soar

We had the pleasure of working with Sarah Robinson on her debut music video — Soar. Huge thanks to Sarah for a freezing but very fun shoot. The production consisted of a single day shoot at The Secret Garden, and a half day shoot next two Trigg Beach with myself on camera and Stephen Burge assisting with anything from moving gear, holding a reflector or diffuser and helping keep Sarah safe on a rocky outcrop. Bare bones crew! No lighting, all natural. Gear: Shot on Red Scarlet 4k widescreen [...]

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Amy Sugars – Halloween, music video out now

We had the pleasure of working with the very talented singer/songwriter Amy Sugars making the music video for her new single 'Halloween.' Shot in Fremantle (Perth) Western Australia, Amy's vision for her clip allowed us to explore visual territory we hadn't really delved into before. Amy was fantastic to work with, everything you could hope for. Professional, fun and willing give her all (including lying down in the ocean shallows and not getting angry when I didn't use to footage even though I kind of told her to) - all the [...]

Little Bird – Until Tomorrow Music Video

This project began with a meeting with Matt Williams who is one half of Little Bird (the other half being Rachel O'Hara), a Perth based acoustic pop duo. We caught up over coffee and chatted about Little Bird's music video to be. I was keen to be involved with what Matt (and Rachel) were looking to do, we got along easy and thus began our working together. Now that the clip is finished I will say making Until Tomorrow's music video has been a genuinely fun creative experience. Matt [...]

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Nat Pearson – Impressive Lies Music Video

In this blog I'm not going to get into the 'film making' side of things - camera operation, lighting, directing, editing, grading etc. What I will do is try to give a sense of the time and organizing that goes into making a clip like this. If you're looking to get a music video produced, you'll hopefully find this educational. You can read Nat Pearson's perspective in her behind the scenes blog here. Nat Pearson Artist and Producer and Casting Director What do I mean by that? Nat [...]

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Nat Pearson – Senseless Music Video

Not long after seeing the music video of ‘She’ we made for Perth band MSCL (My So Called Life) Nat Pearson got in touch with us and we set up a meeting. What initially started as one music video soon became two as Nat would be releasing two tracks – ‘Senseless’ and ‘Impressive Lies’ at the same time. After an initial meet and greet with myself and Shane, Nat and I threw ideas back and forth over email for both Impressive Lies and Senseless. I’ll just talk about Senseless [...]

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Katie O’Donnell – On the Inside Music Video Production

We are very proud of this music video. It's much more than that, very special and very close to many people's hearts. We feel privileged to help bring Tayla's song and message to the world through the beautiful voice of Katie O'Donnell. Dean Butler and Shane Piggott with Katie O'Donnell Words from Katie: "On the Inside (Tayla's Song - Butterfly Edition) began as a poem, written by Tayla Hancock, who was just 16 when she lost her battle with cancer. Tayla's words were put to music by [...]

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Chawa.C – I Think I Love You Music Video Production

In this blog I discuss how this music video came about and the process that went into shooting it. I won't be discussing post production as that was handled by the multi talented Chawa.C himself. Chawa. C In March I got an email from Chawa who had seen a previous clip I did for Holly Denton, Another Tomorrow. He commented that he liked the feel of the video, and reading my blog on making it, wanted the same approach taken on his music video. Great! I gave [...]

My So Called Life – She Music Video

You might be interested in this blog if: You're a My So Called Life fan, you liked or didn't like the clip and wanted to know how it got made, you're a Perth or Western Australian... or Australian... or Earth based band or artist wanting to know how we collaborate with bands, artists and musicians on music videos and what the process can entail. THE IDEA TAKING SHAPE This clip began with myself meeting separately with Anthony Cormican, Chris Reeve and Mike Nayar from My So Called life and [...]

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Another Tomorrow Music Video

For a while I'd been feeling that I wasn't getting out and shooting enough, spending too much time in front of my computer editing, prepping as well as more mundane business stuff. Although I feel there's certain things I can do well with a camera, there's always area's where I'm lacking, inexperienced, don't know what I'm doing etc... There's always room for improvement. Anyway I believe that with any skill in film-making we improve with practice. Along with watching plenty of films and reflecting honestly on our own work [...]

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Ditty (The Adventures of Johnny Stenchfoot) – Oumi Kapila & Chris Reeve

A couple months back we we're asked to shoot an instrumental studio music video clip for a track written by Oumi Kapila and Anthony Cormican. We didn't edit it, that amazing work was done by the multitalented Chris Reeve (drums). It was a fun opportunity for us to think on our feet for a few hours (we didn't plan anything) and shoot some awesome musicianship down the road from us in Perth. Shane and I shot it with Zeiss primes 28, 50 and 100, the Cinevate Atlas 30 slider [...]

Chocolate Overdoses Music Video

Dean and I met with Holly in December 2011. We had received a copy of her CD and were really impressed with what we heard. Holly was interested in trying something different for her debut clip. We identified two songs she would be interested in making videos for and chose Chocolate Overdoses for the first clip. After discussing our ideas Holly brought up the concept of the walk of shame for a girl after a night out/fling for Chocolate Overdoses. I knew a lot of night filming would be [...]

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