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Dean and I met with Holly in December 2011. We had received a copy of her CD and were really impressed with what we heard. Holly was interested in trying something different for her debut clip. We identified two songs she would be interested in making videos for and chose Chocolate Overdoses for the first clip. After discussing our ideas Holly brought up the concept of the walk of shame for a girl after a night out/fling for Chocolate Overdoses.

I knew a lot of night filming would be required so I enquired about renting a 5D Mark III to utilise its low light capabilities. Perth doesn’t seem to have this camera for hire anywhere, yet… Come on Perth catch up! We went with the 5D mark II and made an effort to use the 100mm Zeiss prime lens with the lighting from the various night locations to add depth to the background. (picture of Sian with lights in the background) I lit Holly and Sian with three battery powered LED lights from Location Equipment. We had to shoot at f2.5-f2.8 at an ISO of 1250 (don’t like to push it any further than that) to get a bright enough image in the outside shoots. We used our Cinevate atlas 30 slider as well as a ride-on dolly. To contrast the night choruses I wanted the second verse and the bridge to be shot during the day.

We spent time planning locations and schedules with Holly as well as finding our lead. Holly’s cousin Sian was only in Perth for a couple of days so it meant we only had one day and one night scheduled to shoot. To work around this we shot the majority of the video in East Perth at the Claisebrook inlet. There were a lot of lights to work with at night in this area and they provided an excellent background for the shots I wanted to get.



It was reasonably quiet so it was an excellent location to use. I was aiming to shoot outside at East Perth first and then move to the apartment. There had been good weather all week.

We shot the bridge (the park scene) in East Perth at sunrise. There was a rare fog that morning providing beautiful diffused light for us and contributed to the look and feel of the scene.


The fog turned out to be the calm before the storm. The weather forecast said there would be showers clearing in the afternoon. I took advantage of this and shot the office scene and day apartment scenes early. This gave the cast and crew a chance to rest up before the big night shoot. It was a mistake to trust the weather report (I should have known). We arrived at East Perth as the sun went down. It felt like the rain started to come down as soon as we started to shoot. We shot what we needed for the second chorus and made the call to film at the apartment and come back.


It’s amazing how much you hit a wall when shooting in an enclosed space. Coming in from the cold we all got warm in the apartment and our progress seemed to slow. It was 11.30pm when we were filming in the lounge room. Sian let us know she could free herself up to film the next evening which thankfully, gave us another day to shoot.

Arriving the next evening, there was no rain in sight (in the sky or on the radar). Not to be underdone however, Perth had its coldest night of the year at 0 – thanks weather! It made me think back to watching the Braveheart special features and how they said the torrential rain added to the look of the film. I tried to use this as motivation however the temperature didn’t add anything to the image and instead made everyone really cold. Poor Sian had to wear tight dresses the whole night and must have been freezing! (fortunately we had a doona to throw over her between takes).


We finished shooting just after midnight, and by then, we were all very keen to be warm and in bed.

I had a rough cut edited in 2 days and did a further 2 hours of shooting with Holly the next week. Once the colour grade was completed, Holly came in for the final checks and was very happy with the final clip.

Massive thanks to Holly who is an amazing talent and excellent to work with; we hope we can collaborate again with her in the future! A big thanks must also go to Sian who was an absolute trooper (did not complain once even though she was freezing through takes on the coldest Perth night of the year) and was a great actor to work with.




Making Music Clips with Alucinor