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Why Alucinor?

We are a team of multidisciplinary filmmakers with a unique set of skills that enable us to deliver high quality, cinematic results that are usually the domain of larger and more expensive production crews.

Our core team (along with our network of industry professionals) provides a full service production solution. Pre-production, crew assembly, editing, graphics and VFX, colour grading and audio post-production, through to CAD approval and delivery of material to networks if required. Alternatively, if you only require our production crew to shoot &/or edit, we’re available to help with that too.

In addition to producing your project, we can also produce additional video content to work in harmony with your production across multiple channels and strengthen the impact of your campaign.

We can help you with

Concept, Scriptwriting, Planning
Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Production Design
Editing, Sound Mix, Titles, Graphics
Director | DP
Narrative Director | DP Duo
Colour Grading
Davinci Resolve
CASA Certified Drone Pilot

Watch the trailer for our short film Evenfall

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