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Concept, Scriptwriting, Planning
Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Production Design
Editing, Sound Mix, Titles, Graphics
Director | DP
Narrative Director | DP Duo
Colour Grading
Davinci Resolve
CASA Certified Drone Pilot
The Alucinor Team
Director | DP Narrative Duo
The Pursuit of Excellence
Strength through collaboration
The Alucinor Team
Why Alucinor?

What we offer is an exceptional small team of multidisciplinary filmmakers with a unique set of skills that enable us to deliver high quality, cinematic results that are usually the domain of larger and more expensive production crews.

Our core team (along with our network of industry professionals) provides a full service production solution. Pre-production, crew assembly, editing, graphics and VFX, colour grading and audio post-production, through to CAD approval and delivery of material to networks if required. Alternatively, if you only require our production crew to shoot &/or edit, we’re available to help with that too.

The Digital Revolution has changed the landscape for marketing communications, especially video content. Now brands have the opportunity to expand their advertising campaigns into longer form video content that can be accessed easily (and repeatedly) online.

In addition to producing your project, we can also produce additional video content to work in harmony with your production across multiple channels and strengthen the impact of your campaign.

Director | DP Narrative Duo
We love filmmaking

Director Dean Butler and DP Shane Piggott have worked together on multiple narrative films projects since meeting in 1999. Growing up watching films together in the age of the video store, they have developed a style that has resonated with global audiences.

The Pursuit of Excellence
Quality is a given. It has to be.

Every video we work on needs to reach a high level of production quality. It’s what the audience expects, it’s what our clients expect, and it’s the minimum benchmark for each job. We take pride not just in crafting cinematic visuals, but in combining all the many elements that go into making a compelling video. We’re dedicated students of filmmaking craft, for us the language of film, from composition and lighting through to sound and music, are tools to harness in order to tell stories with as much power and impact as we can.

Strength through collaboration
Working with our core team.

The most effective way for us to create great work that our clients are satisfied with is through open collaboration. We will often work closely with clients to ensure that the project is heading in the right direction. We are proud of our track record of happy clients, and find that the most satisfied of our clients are the ones with whom we’ve closely collaborated with. After all we’re not experts in your domain.

Our team also collaborates actively on set and behind the scenes. Video production is a team game, and as we’re often working as a small crew we rely on the quality of our teamwork to lift every project to an even higher level. We are always eagerly seeking out opportunities to do exceptional work; we cannot afford to work towards anything less.

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