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(Almost half a year late in posting this but as they say, better late then never.)

Online gambling. It’s the fastest growing category in Australian advertising and it’s the face of a colossal
industry, which is why socially conscious Perth soul songstress, Shameem, has tackled it head on in the
clip for her new single, I Love You, But.

While the song is personal to Shameem and the lyrics stem from a broken relationship, the music video
produced by Alucinor Productions boldly takes on the topical issue of problem gambling. “I wrote this
song about a real incident that happened in my life, and it sounds like a break-up song,” Shameem says.
“I’ve never been personally affected by gambling addiction, but I love using my music to raise
consciousness about social issues that are prevalent in the world, and I’m glad to be able to speak up
about what is a tricky subject for a lot of people.”

“Per capita, Australians lose more money through gambling than any other country in the world,
including the USA, which has Las Vegas! It’s estimated that 400 people who have a gambling problem
commit suicide every year in Australia. I find it worrying that only 15% of people who are ‘problem
gamblers’ will actually seek help for it. Even if this song only manages to raise awareness about the issue
by a hair’s breadth, I’ll be glad that I contributed something to the discourse about it.”

For local Director, Dean Butler, problem gambling is an issue close to his heart. “After meeting Shameem
it was clear that we both wanted to collaborate on a clip that tells a story with a bit of depth,” Dean said.
“Our company, Alucinor Productions, had recently been working on a mini-documentary piece about
problem gambling and I was amazed at just how big a problem this is, and how much it is totally hidden
and ignored; so the issue seemed like a good fit with this song.”

The clip itself portrays the relationship of a young couple with a child who are struggling to cope with
the consequences of gambling addiction. While the events themselves are fictional, the narrative is
influenced by the stories of real people who have faced the hidden ordeal of problem gambling.

“For the documentary, I was able to meet some people who were brave enough to come forward and
share their stories which were pretty heart-wrenching,” Dean said. “The effect that problem gambling
has on individuals is one thing, but it’s effect on families and the wider community is significant, and
almost completely hidden because there is so much stigma around it,” Dean said. “Hopefully, with this
clip we can help generate more discussion about problem gambling, as opposed to the myth that it’s
completely harmless – which is perpetuated through gambling advertising.”

Director: Dean Butler
Cinematography: Dean Butler, Shane Piggott, Robert Fork
Editor: Shane Piggott
Colorist: Dean Butler