Project Description



On his first visit to the local Laundromat, a man has a fateful chance encounter with his wife, five years after she walked out. A powerful two hander about guilt, regrets and maybe even a chance at forgiveness.

Official Selection Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)
Official Selection Pasadena International Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection Kansas City Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection Media Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection Corona Fastnet International Film Festival (Ireland)
Official Selection Capricorn Film Festival (AUS)
Official Selection World Arts International Film Festival (USA)
Official Selection Sanctuary Film Festival (AUS)
Official Selection Lorne Film Festival (AUS)
Official Selection People of Passion Film Festival (AUS) ** WINNER Spirit of Australiana Award**

Absolution is the first short film (not commercial or corporate) from Alucinor Productions. It was filmed over three nights and one day in Perth and Beverley Western Australia. Absolution was produced completely independently. All cast and crew volunteered their time to make the film possible.

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Absolution Short Film Blog 3: Pre-Produciton for the Director
Absolution Short Film Blog 4: Production and Post Recap

Dalip Sondhi
Gemma Cavoli
Jessica Colgan-Toohey
Melody Rom
Shaylan Sondhi
Stephen Burge

Written, Directed & Edited by
Dean Butler

Produced by
Hannah Moran

Director of Photography
Shane Piggott

Production Designer
Kaylee Higgott

Costume Designer
Jacinta McDonald

Sound Recordist, Editor & Composer
Daniel Purcell

Make Up
Anita Jacobsen

1st Assistant Directors
Callan Manners
Daisy Benson

1st and 2nd Camera Assistants
Declan Tier
Robert Faulkner

Stephen Burge

Grips and Electrical
Declan Tier
Robert Faulkner
Stephen Burge
Shane Piggott

Cody Cameron-Brown
Mariza Butler

Executive Producers
Dean Butler
Shane Piggott

Special Thanks to:
Yvonne Topalis, Highgate Dry Cleaners
Scott, Kate, Angus and Stella McLean
Mariza Butler, Nicole Crouch, Anita Jacobsen
Alison Sondhi, John Rapsey and WA Screen Academy
David WAtkins, Greg Piggott, Cody Cameron-Brown

© Alucinor Productions 2014