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The music video clip for the debut single ‘Until Tomorrow’ from Perth’s own acoustic pop duo Little Bird.

Little Bird (Matt Williams and Rachel O’Hara) came to Alucinor with a clear vision for what they wanted for their clip. Matt and Rachel’s journey from hanging out and busking in Fremantle during their WAAPA days, to writing, then recording and playing live original shows together. For Director Dean Butler it was all about capturing the duo as naturally as possible, just doing their thing and being themselves. Of course within that you need to have a solid plan, a structure through which the artists can do that and that’s something Little Bird and Alucinor collaborated on. However we didn’t work from storyboards. We had a vision list alongside the lyrics with some key shots listed but it was mostly it just ‘what was going on’, the key action beats.

Sometimes this mode of shooting can be problematic and lead to not getting everything you want. But on this clip, with it’s natural free flowing vibe and handheld style it was exactly the right process. And for the cinematographers, was all about being in the moment and trusting their instincts. Director Dean Butler had a more detailed shot list (scribbles all over his basic footage list so he didn’t miss anything) but didn’t bother the stars with it… They probably wouldn’t have been able to read it anyway.

Until Tomorrow was shot during a set at Indi Bar (Cinematography from Shane Piggott & Tanya Voltchanskaya) and two days of shooting with Dean Butler around Mt Lawley, Fremantle, Cottesloe and Osborne Park for everything else. Footage at Indi Bar was shot on two Canon 5D Mark III’s (courtesy of Location Equipment) for their low light sensitivity. Whilst the rest of the clip was shot in 3k 48fps and 4k 25fps and 30fps respectively on the Red Scarlet MX shooting on Zeiss ZE Primes and the Sigma 18-35. We had three different speed versions of Until Tomorrow for recording at 25, 30 and 48 frames per second so when the shots were ‘normalized’ to 25 fps they would all be synced to the normal version.

Post production was done completely in Adobe Premiere and FilmConvert.

Director: Dean Butler
Cinematography: Dean Butler, Shane Piggott, Tanya Voltchanskaya
Editing & Grading: Dean Butler

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