In late 2015 we began work in partnership with LinkLetters to produce six short films for Perth Home Care Services re-brand to an as of yet unknown (to us) brand.

With Linkletters leading a complete rebrand we delved into our full branded storytelling process to plan and craft both genuine and moving customer stories. It was wonderful working with Avivo and Linkletters who both completely appreciate the power of storytelling with video (especially when they have such enthusiastic and appreciative customers happy to share their stories). We shot the majority of the six videos over three days throughout Perth in a team of three, with a handful of additional short pick up shoots in teams of two.

Shooting in raw using a Red Digital Cinema camera meant we were able to offer high resolution/quality stills exported direct from the footage for Linkletters and Avivo to use in print and online for the rebrand. Myself and the very talented Tanya Voltchanskaya (check out her site) shot the interviews together (on Red and Blackmagic cameras). All other footage I shot on Red with the occasional Sony A7s footage either for its portability or low light capabilities, whilst Tanya took dedicated stills at the same time. This combination enabled us to deliver very high value for money.

A huge thankyou to Avivo for having us back and believing in us and also to Linkletters; An incredibly unique, talented, passionate and driven agency to work with. We’ll save the biggest thanks to the customers of Avivo who willingly let us into their lives and allowed us to share their story in such an authentic unguarded way.


Director/Cinematographer/Editor/Grading: Dean Butler
Cinematographer/Stills: Tanya Voltchanskaya
Sound/Production Assistant: Stephen Burge

Shot on Red Scarlet, Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Sony A7s
Edited in Adobe Premiere
Graded with FilmConvert and Adobe Speedgrade

Films below: