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Directed, shot, cut and graded by Dean Butler.

“Because this was a one-man-band shoot I opted for the C200 for gimbal shots (when the budget allowed – there’s a few gh5 shots by the wheat field) due to the outstanding dual pixel autofocus and the superb image quality when shooting raw. Shooting on F1.2 on a 50mm prime on a gimbal and holding focus was a revelation… Combining Canon with Red footage – it’s like a different filmstock, beautiful colours and skin tones but not quite the same dynamic range in the highlights as the Dragon sensor. But because they both shoot raw there’s a lot of flexibility to bring the looks into line. FilmConvert helped a lot with that too.” – Dean Butler, Director

Shot on:
Canon c200 with Canon 50mm L prime, 24-70 & 16-35mm Canon L series EF lenses.
Courtesy of Location Equipment, Leederville.

Red Scarlet-w with Sigma 18-35 and Duclos Modded Zeiss ZF lenses
PanasonicGH5s thanks to Jason North at WedgetailUAV

DJI Ronin-MX

Edited and graded in Adobe Premiere

Sarah Avalia

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