VR First Aid Skills Launch Video

It was great to be a part of the launch for St John Ambulance’s revolutionary VR and App First Aid Skills experience. Tasked with producing a video that would highlight what the product offered as well as introducing it to the public, we collaborated with the team at St John to come up with a concept in which the talent would be shown to interact in the real world and the virtual world.

To achieve this, a green screen was set up next to the pod where the training takes place. I got shots of the talent standing and gazing in wonder at the virtual surroundings and then got them to interact with the first aid training in the virtual world. We then would move to the pod where the participant would put the head set on and undertake the training. I later returned to the location to record the POV shots to give the audience an idea of what they will see when they do the training.

We also did a half day shoot at a home location to show the training that could be done using the app. Our 50mm and 85mm Zeiss ZF primes were the heroes of the shoot as they offered a very pleasing image.

A really fun project!

Shot on:
Red Scarlet-w with Sigma 18-35 and Duclos Modded Zeiss ZF lenses

Edited and graded in Adobe Premiere

St John Ambulance WA

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