15+ years… Is it time to break up?

After 15+ years with Adobe Premiere Pro we are seriously looking at dumping Premiere Pro entirely in favour of Davinci Resolve. Firstly due to the constant crashing and lack of stability with the software (constantly encountering new bugs), and secondly due to a growing dissatisfaction with their subscription model which is severely lacking in value now compared to Resolve.

Resolve has always been industry leading colour grading software but it’s gone from strength to strength as all in one software in recent years, in particular as an editor.

With Davinci Resolve Studio getting more and more use in house we are also set to explore alternatives to Photoshop, Audition and After Effects, the other cornerstone programs of our post production pipeline.

Watch the video for my in depth thoughts.

I’ll have more to say on this as we explore Fusion (included in Davinci Resolve) as an alternative to After Effects , Fairlight (also included in Davinci Resolve)as an alternative to Audition and the number of Photoshop/Lightroom alternatives out there.