Mental Health Commission

Mental Health Commission Educational Dramas


MHC ‘Amphetamine Toxicity and Opioid Overdose films


Mental Health Commission


Full Process: Creative, Writing, Production, Editing, Sound & Color


x4 short films

The Brief

Collaborate with the Mental Health Commission Project Team during all phases of the planning and production to produce x3 Methamphetamine focused short films and one exploring various scenarios of Opioid overdose. The completed films will demonstrate best practice guidelines, through the use of different opioid and amphetamine use scenarios, on the management of acute psychostimulant-related problems and the reversal of opioid overdose, incorporating non-Aboriginal and culturally secure Aboriginal scenarios which demonstrate these issues, which will be based on consultation and current evidence-based literature.

How we did it

Met regularly with MHC project team to become immersed in the literature and issues we would be addressing where we realised we had many misconceptions about both opioids and amphetamine use. Co-wrote scripts with the MHC project team, sourced locations, held casting sessions, performed test shoots on locations with the crew and held rehearsals with the cast. Production of the four chapters took place over eight days in total with a production crew of only four people including our Make Up Artist.

The Result

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