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Murdoch University Learn out in the Field Campaign


Murdoch University | Wunderman Thompson


Production and Post-Production


2 x 30, 15, 10 and 6sec OLVs + 2 x Cinema Ads

The Brief

Capture Murdoch University forensics students completing activities at the Whitby Falls Farm to demonstrate learning out in the field. The style of the videos needed to have an un-produced, fly-on-the-wall type vibe that utilises natural light to give the audience an authentic sense of the experiences the course provides.

How we did it

Our experience producing personal stories really came to the fore shooting this project. We used cinema cameras with zoom lenses allowing us to shoot sequences on the fly without getting in the way of the students or needing to constantly change lenses. Speaking to the students at the conclusion of the day, they said they forgot we were even there. This translated well in the footage as the laughing and conversations are authentic. We collaborated closely with the agency throughout the production days and edited the first draft with members of the creative team in our studio. This was a great way to work on an unscripted project like this.

The Result

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