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RAC ‘Keep Your Keys on You’ KLIC Behaviour Change


RAC | Wunderman Thompson


Writing, Production, Editing & Color


Mini-Doc Casestudy & x3 15sec TVCs

The Brief

Members and the WA public are unaware of how easy and common it is to accidentally lock their child or pet in the car, which puts them at high risk of injury or death, due to high temperatures. RAC Rescues over 550 children and pets locked in cars each year. An average of 1.5 rescues a day. Raise awareness of this danger and change behaviour in a way that helps to build the RAC brand. Produce a powerful documentary style case study including an RAC patrolmen, call centre operator and a doctor, all whom have experiences cases of keys left in cars, from a different perspective. Produce x3 15″ TV spots.

How we did it

Mini-Doc’s require authenticity to succeed and connect with an audience. That requires us reaching out and spending some time with the key talent, developing a comfortable rapport, fast, so they feel safe enough to be vulnerable and real with us when the lights and cameras are pointed at them. We pre-interviewed the pre-selected key talent, and from those interviews constructed the structure of the narrative and scripted a mini-doc outline which included planned questions and key comments to capture as well as B-roll. We captured the interviews with two cameras for flexibility in the edit and shot all B-roll handheld. Production took place over 1.5 days.

The Result

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