October 13, 2021

Proaim Flycam Flowline Master Professional Support for Camera & Gimbals: Easyrig alternative?

Solid build quality

The Proaim Flycam Flowline Master Professional… Shall we call it PFFMP for short?

Proaim Flycam Flowline Master Professional + Placid

We purchased Proaim’s Flycam Flowline Master Professional Support for Camera & Gimbals (4-12kg/9-27lb). It’s great but not for us unfortunately, so we sent it back…. I should note, ProAim were very responsive and excellent to deal with over email. Thumbs up for their customer service.


This product is excellent value for money in my opinion (especially coupled with the Placid). Some of the build quality is excellent (some aspects are just fine, again, in my opinion). But for those of us of our height, it will likely not provide the back support that a professional support system like this is supposed to provide.

I’m almost 6’1″ and that’s too tall

Unfortunately for me, with the vest adjusted so it would actually put weight on my hips (instead of my back) I could barely fit my head under the arm of the flycam.

The placid was extremely well built, the vest wasn’t of the same quality as an easyrig (not the same cost either) but still quite good. Most of the construction felt REALLY good. Just the plastic belt buckle was a bit… to plasticky. But I figured if that broke it’s an easy or cheap replacement.

If you’ve watched the video you’ll know we decided it wasn’t a tool for us. We’re both over six foot tall and unfortunately the vest sits above our hips, meaning our back is taking the weight. Not our hips, which is a HUGE part of the reason for buying something like this. Yes it grants you a certain style and look to the camera movement, but primarily it’s to get the weight off your back.

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