October 12, 2021

FILMMAKER NARCISSISM & Social Media Brand Presence

Human beings have been around for 200,000 years (as we are today). Social media, not so long. Perhaps we should think long and hard about how we use it, and, the affect it has on who we are or who we change into.

Looking back on my own previous posts on our social feeds to maintain our ‘brand presence’ I keep coming back to these questions. When did being this vain become so normal? Have we always been this self-absorbed? Can we change?

I am very aware that this may sound incredibly hypocritical from someone on YouTube who’s thumbnails usually include a shot of me with a text book over the top expression on my face. But please, stay with me.

I’m not making this video to come to a precise conclusion, nor am I trying to persuade or convince you of anything. This is an incredibly subjective and flawed video.

I’m just trying to wrap my head around my own feelings on this and figure out a Social Media code that I can live by in line with my own personal values. Social media is deeply entrenched in many of our daily lives, as a small business operator it certainly is in mine.

We (human beings) have been around for thousands of years, but we’ve only been around Social media for a little over 10. Whether it’s Social Media just revealing the narcissist inside us or it’s slowly turning us more and more vain I find myself genuinely concerned about who I could change into, or rather what attention seeking behaviours I would have previously avoided and now engage in for attention.

As directors and cinematographers can we have a social media brand strategy and image without a constant bombardment of cool looking shots of us with our camera gear?

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