July 4, 2022

Lessons from EVENFALL short film

Let’s be honest. Making films is hard. Really hard. Even short ones. It’s takes a sustained effort from a group of people even to make a mediocre film. This video is complete honesty from me about the mistakes I made making Evenfall, our Perth and South West Australian short. Although I’m relatively okay with the result, there’s a lot I’d do differently if I were to make it today. The catch, it takes making films to learn these lessons in a way that test shoots and corporate productions just can’t.

Making a Short Film | Filmmaking mistakes to Avoid!

Even though my storyboards are extremely (EXTREMELY) basic. I still find them to be an incredibly valuable communication tool especially to talk through sequences with the DP. In this video Shane and myself have a watch through of the film and (re) discover that despite some variations we shot the film pretty damn closely to them.

Why short film directors SHOULD storyboard their films…

FilmConvert is superb film emulation software and was instrumental in crafting the ‘look’ for Evenfall. It certainly works best with a raw source file which suited us on Evenfall, shot on Red Digital Cinema cameras both Dragon and MX. In this video I talk about about why I use and love it and my thoughts about digital vs analogue cinematography and projection.

FilmConvert Nitrate is still an incredible grading plugin…

If you’re interested you can checkout Evenfall on ALTER below, now sitting at over 100k views just on YouTube 🙂


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