Does 4k even matter?

We fairly recently acquired an Arri Alexa Classic which shoots 2k prores internally or 2.8k raw externally. It gave me the inspiration to look at what would be the best method of upscaling this footage to 4k.

In this video I pit a standard timeline upscale against Resolves Superscale and Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI (recommended settings).

Using a mix of 1080p 4444 prores sample shots, as well as comparing a couple of shots from one of our recent short films which Shane predominantly shot in 2k, but also captured a few shots in 2.8k arriraw. The Odyssey 7Q was faulty so unfortunately I only have a few shots to compare upscaling from 2k prores 422 to Arrraw 2.8k.

Watch in 4k!